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Full Information about the SEO Addons & What to expect

Our SEO target is very easy. We do everything necessary for your website to rank in 30days. If we have to work on more than 10,000 backlinks to increase your ranking then we shall do, sometimes it takes lesser.

The measurement is quite straight forward as the higher your website ranks the better it is for your business or organization.  We are not promising you a particular number of backlinks, or guest posting or what so ever, what our offer is based on is the actual ranking goal.

Before your SEO work begins, we shall have the record of what your present ranking is and what it is after 30days. If we are not able to meet up we shall refund your order at 100%.


  • We use Alexa’s Score check which is available here https://www.alexa.com for easy and uniformed result target.
  • We can decide to refund your order even before it starts if we feel it cannot be achieved.
  • The continuation of a particular order does not increase it Monthly it simply maintains that record. Example, if you order SEO 001 for 3 Months, this doesn’t mean after 3 Months it would rank 30% higher, it means it would remain at the 10% increase without it dropping. If you want to increase your ranking you should place another order of another category like SEO 002 or SEO 003 or you contact us for a higher Group.
  • You can get a full refund if we don’t meet the ranking promise, if we do you can’t get any refund.

The Affiliate System & How It Works On Freehostingresell & All Reseller Sites

The referral system on the network works very easily. On Freehostingresell the referral percentage is 5% for all hosting services & addons. This means that you would earn 5% of the total cost when someone buys any hosting plans and any of the addons continiously when that user renews also. Affiliate earnings does not apply to domains only hosting & addons.

For your reseller, you can setup your own referral earning percentage from here

Reseller –> SetUp –> Site Settings  –> Affiliate Percentage

This amount is calculated from the total cost, please bear in mind that this would affect your profit. So, if your profit margin is 5% and you set referral percentage as 5%, this means you would be making 0% profit. Remember to set a margin that still makes you profitable.

Affiliate earnings are currently withdrawn via USDT. Users can set the address from their profiles settings. The Affiliate system is by default enabled for all resellers.

How To Accept Your Own Payments On Your Reseller Website on FreeHostingResell

Due to popular increase on how to charge customers locally during checkout, we have built the Custom Payment Feature which makes it possible for resellers to accept their own payments via the billing checkout. We have over 200 Currencies accepted on Freehostingresell but before now customers are not charged in local currency. In the quest to making sure all customers get the feel of a locally based hosting company, we have decided to introduce this feature.

If a customer sees a particular currency then the reseller should be able to provide a payment system that will charge the user in that same currency thereby reducing excess exchange rate commissions charged by most payment providers. Also, almost every customer would love to pay with local payments using local methods for checkouts.

How it works:

We have enabled a simple API checkout process where you are able to integrate any payment system of your choice easily. We have simplified the whole process and we shall simplify it the more with this Post.

If you want to use this option then you must have a deposit with us, else this won’t work. Example: If you Pre-Funded  a total of $500 with us and activate your custom payment system on your reseller site, each time a customer gets to your checkout payment they will see the local payment system integrated by you. The payment option would continue to be available until your credit finishes with us. If a customer is trying to checkout on an amount greater than your balance with us, this won’t work.

So if you have total of $15 left in your balance with us, and customer is trying to checkout an amount worth $17, then your payment option would be hidden until you fund an amount equivalent or greater than the amount the customer is checking out with.


 The step by step guide will be a very powerful tool towards setup, you can skip any step you have already completed.


Integration Flow: During checkout we send the customer to your integration link set in Reseller –>SetUp –> Custom Payment

We send you the following values via POST

  • transaction_token
  • user_email
  • total_amount
  • currency
  • transaction_name
  • billing_name
  • billing_fname
  • billing_lname
  • billing_oname
  • billing_email
  • billing_phone
  • billing_address
  • billing_company_name
  • biling_postal_code
  • billing_city
  • billing_state
  • billing_country (ex. US, CA)

You collect the user’s information and direct user to the payment page. When user is done paying, you send the values below to https://freehostingresell.com/api/complete-order

  • transaction_token
  • api_secret_key
  • order_status
  • payment_method

Then you re-direct the user to https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status for either failed or success.

When we receive the feedback from you saying order_status equals 1 then we shall process the order and deduct the USD value from your account balance with us. We would only charge the default amount from your balance not the total amount. If you don’t have enough balance to process order, a notification shall be sent to you to fund your wallet then you can later process the order manually from your Reseller Dashboard from

Resellers –> Orders –> Pending Orders

If order status returned 0 then order won’t be processed and the status at https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status will show FAILED.



Your API details are here https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/custom_settings You can change them anytime you wish. For this integration you would need the Private Key. Locate it and copy it somewhere, you would be using it in the next step.


What we want to do here is to set which payment we want to integrate. Locate this page here

Resellers –> SetUp –> Custom Payments

The values you would add are explained below

  1. Payment Name: This is the name of the Payment system you would be integrating. Our example here Is PayPal. The user will see the Title here as you can see from the image below

2. Process Link (For Automatic Options): Here is where the user would be re-directed to make the payment. Since you cannot make extra links using your custom domain with us, there are different ways of achieving this. You can Create a Sub domain (learn how to create a sub domain here https://blog.freehostingresell.com/index.php/2021/04/20/how-to-set-up-your-own-blog-on-your-reseller-site-in-freehostingresell/ ) and name it pay.your-domain.ext or you can use a totally different domain name as you wish. Best practice is directing the user to a related domain so it doesn’t seems like he is totally leaving the site to make a payment. If you have another extension of the same reseller domain this would also work

This link is where the whole integration work is done which would be explained in other steps as we progress, so just add the link’s full part here. Example; https://pay.frs.pw/paypal.php

3. Integration Type: Here it’s either Automatic or Manual. Automatic means the whole process would be done automatically where you can setup the payment link and integrate with all necessary codes so that orders can be automated else if you choose Manual then this means your payment system can’t be automated like Bank Payments where users need to pay and notify locally, if you choose this option then when you receive payment you navigate to Orders Pending and mark transaction as Paid so that the order can then be created.

4. Status: If you enable the status feature it will show in the Front end view in your billings checkout page. So disable it first while you work on the integration. If everything is Okay, then you can enable it


Now we want to work on the Process Link we specified at step 2 above. Our example is PayPal and we shall be working with the sample link https://pay.frs.pw/paypal (Note: your process link can be written in any programming language!)

So I will create a file called paypal.php inside my hosting server for pay.frs.pw or whatever you wish to call it. On this page I will input the PayPal integration codes. On this page, we shall some values in POST which you should use for processing your order at the Payment processor you are using. The values are as follows;

  • transaction_token: This is the unique identifier for the order. This token remains the same for the same order even if they are more than 1 as long as it’s the same checkout then this remains unique to the order.
  • user_email: This is the email address of the user who is paying. This email is the original email used in registering
  • total_amount: This is the total amount in your default store currency
  • currency: This simply just returns your currency code like USD, EUR, GBP e.t.c
  • transaction_name: Will return in commas if they are more than 2. Example; New Domain (frs.pw), Shared Hosting
  • billing_name: This will return the full names. First name, last name and other names if added.
  • billing_fname: This is the billing’s first name
  • billing_lname: This is the billing’s last name
  • billing_oname: This is the billing’s other name
  • billing_email: This is the billing’s email
  • billing_phone: This is the billing’s phone
  • billing_address: This is the billing’s address
  • billing_company_name: This is the billing’s company name
  • biling_postal_code: This is the billings postal code
  • billing_city: This is the billing’s city
  • billing_state: This is the billing’s state
  • billing_country: This is the billing’s country (ex. US, CA)

Most importantly you would need to store the transaction_token value, this value MUST be sent back to us for processing.

There are different types of integrations but all follows the same process of receiving payment and returning a notification if payment was successful or not.  But here we would give a general guide on how to implement.

The summary of what’s to happen on this page is;

Use and Store values we sent to this page via POST à direct customer to the payment page of the payment processor using the values we sent to you like amount, billing details, transaction id and name e.t.c a return values to https://freehostingresell.com/api/complete-order via POST, either failed or success so that the customer would know the status of payment à redirect user to https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status after process.

The values to send back to https://freehostingresell.com/api/complete-order as POST Values after processing are as follows;

  • transaction_token: This was sent to you for processing, you would need to send it to the complete-order API link.
  • api_secret_key: This is your API secret key
  • order_status: Return 1 if payment was successful, 0 or any other number if payment failed
  • payment_method: Return the payment method the customer used in paying. This would appear on the order invoice so it should be added correctly.

Do not return the customer to https://freehostingresell.com/api/complete-order you are to return the customer to https://yourdomain/bill/?order-status yourdomain here is your reseller domain. From our example it would be https://frs.pw/bill/?order-status

On the status page, the customer will see payment status as pending,  if the payment  made was successful or it failed then the appropriate notification shows. The values returned to https://freehostingresell.com/api/complete-order via POST will enable the customer know the order status else it will remain as Pending. If your balance with us is not enough to process the order, the customer will continue to see the ‘Pending’ status or the ‘Not Paid’ status even if his payment was successful from your end.


If everything works, it’s important you add funds to your wallet with us as funds must exist in your balance before an order can be processed. If your account have processed a decent number of transactions, your account would be placed on an auto credit fill. This means when funds are running low, we would automatically refill your wallet with us with some amount based on your account age and transactions. You can contact us if you think you qualify for this option.

If your account is new or you haven’t processed at least minimum of $300 in total for all orders, please add funds!


STEP 5)  Enable the Integration:

If you have successfully completed the integration, you should enable the status from here.

Resellers –> SetUp –> Custom Payments

Available Withdrawal Methods On FreehostingResell & Default Threshold

Regularly we keep adding to the withdrawal options on FreeHostingResell so that resellers can withdraw profits easily with their most preferred payment option. This is not actually very easy for large withdrawals as we incur so many fees trying to accomplish this, that’s why withdrawal charges remains at 5% for whatever volume you are withdrawing. This does not include the service fee charged by the payment system like miners fees for Bitcoin, Bank wire charges for Bank transfers e.t.c.

Here is the current list set as default threshold for all the withdrawal options on FreeHostingResell.

  • Bitcoin – $10

  • Skrill – $5

  • Bank Wire – $50

  • Ethereum – $5

  • Flutterwave – $5

  • Paypal – $5


You are allowed to set your threshold here at your Site Settings to whatever value you want. If you set anything lesser than the default threshold for the payment method you have chosen, the payments will be sent when your earnings are equals to or greater than the default threshold.

How To Set Up Your Own Blog On Your Reseller Site On FreeHostingResell

Characters of people holding internet search icons illustration

OWe have had lots of requests on how to create custom sub domains and place some designs on it like Blogs, Knowledgebase e.t.c

This feature enables you add a sub domain from your main domain with us and then create an independent CPanel account for that sub domain where you can create any type of website on it like WordPress Blog or any CMS using the Softaculous features.


How To Achieve This

Go to Reseller Dashboard –> Set Up –> Sub Domains

On this page you would be able set up a subdomain. If you want to create a subdomain called blog just add blog in the text field and create it. If the creation of the sub domain is successful you would see it among the list of created sub domains on that same page.

The creation of the sub domains itself doesn’t make it active, you would need to add a hosting to it. Example, if you created a sub domain called blog meaning the full link would be something like blog.yourdomain.com then this becomes an active independent link which can be created as an independent CPanel account with us.


If you have successfully created the sub domain, then you can add this sub domain as the main domain in the billing segment on our site or from your reseller site. Add the sub domain as your main domain when adding the domain to billing you sould just select the ‘Add Exisitng Domain


Then go ahead to order any shared hosting of your choice, you don’t need to worry about how to change your nameservers for the domain, when adding the sub domain on our server we automatically add the A record to the sub domain which already points to our shared hosting server so after a CPanel account is created it automatically propagates after some few hours.

You must add the shared hosting from our site or your reseller site else it won’t work!

Write To Us if you need help on any this feature.

How to Point Your Reseller Domain To Our Server Using A Records

Sometimes some local domains are not able to properly propagate because of one reason or the other well known to them, some you might even need some approval before any name server change in some regions where domains are bought .

Some resellers are not able to change nameservers to point to our servers, so the A record could help. Following this simple process should help.

Navigate to your domain DNS setup page where your domain was bought you should be able to set some new A records.

You would be creating 2 records.

First Record:


HOST –> Leave this blank


TTL –> 300 or use Default


Second Record:


HOST –>  *


TTL –> 300 OR use Default


After adding this, you can wait for up to 24 hours for this records to propagate.

How to Track Leads on Your Reseller Website on FreehostingResell

This works seamlessly for those who want to track how their campaigns are doing. We have created a very simple tracking page on your Reseller dashboard via your domain URL link.

From your Reseller Dashboard —> Statistics —> Conversion History

Here you would be able view all conversions from all your AD campaign link used. There are 2 types of conversions happening on your site; first is the main registration from /register and the other from /bill. 



Basically we track how many users visited the site and from which platform, then we also want to know which user registered either via the normal registration page or from the billing’s page. There is a simple track method to do this. We have the ‘r’ GET value to use for special links which will act as a great call back for your reseller website.

Example: If you want to advertise on Facebook, and if your reseller website is https://frs.pw then on Facebook to easily track your ADs do something like https://frs.pw?r=Facebook just specify that as your landing page ‘remember to replace frs.pw to your own reseller domain name and Facebook to what ever value you want’

So facebook.com will send users to that link above then our tracking algorithm will tell you when that user visits your website, registers or later buys a service from your website.

You can also further improve your AD tracking to a specific AD on Facebook if you have several ADs running on Facebook.  https://frs.pw?r=Facebook-ads-for-Europe or you can specify it with a particular id.


On this page Reseller —> Statistics —> Conversion History

You would be able to see which many users registered or completed an order. If the user registered, you would see this from the statistics page. From the Identifier column you would see the value you placed during link insert.

If you add Facebook as value then you would see Facebook returned for that user on the platform column else you would see Facebook(bill) if the user created an account during checkout.

You can view all conversion traffic statistics for the past 30 days!






How to start a web hosting company – freehostingresell


There are numerous reasons why you should start a web hosting company. Here are a few of them:

  • In the nearest future, the internet cannot be active without web hosting since the internet cannot be made available without them. This is a reason for the increase in web hosting service demand and why it will remain a viable business needed by all.
  • The web hosting market has not yet seen its highest capacity and is purported to see an increase in the following years. This means that the market has not reached a saturation point and this poses an opportunity for both the blue-chip companies and the small and medium scale companies.
  • The beauty of web hosting is that you can begin at any time and grow from small to large even for free. This implies that capital isn’t a hindrance but all you need is passion and dedication.
  • Finally, the reason why one should start a web hosting business is because of the potential for growth and expansion in the web hosting business.

Now that we have established the reasons to start a web hosting business, let us find out how to start a web hosting business. But before you get started, here are some things you need to consider before getting on the plane of the web hosting business.

  1. Not every web hosting reseller service is created equally, ensure you partner with the right reseller provider that meets your needs.
  2. Always go for a provider that offers white-labeled reseller plans which will ensure that your customers will never know that they’re on a reseller hosting service
  3. Ensure that there is constant technical support from the web hosting service provider. This is important if you don’t plan on setting up your own support team and customer service.
  4. Decide on what you will charge and your profit margin.

Now that we have established this, let us take a look at how to get started with web hosting business reselling on freehostingresell.com.


Why choose freehostingresell as your reseller hosting program?

Hassle-free and deposit free

Freehostingresell is risk-free and does not require you to pay anything to get started. Our hosting reseller program is free, fully automated, and without risk. Once you set up your price and start selling, we send you the difference between the wholesale price and your set price. You don’t have to worry about how the client’s payments are done. We handle all the technicalities from our end.

No technical skills needed

You don’t need to be a computer guru to start earning freely on freehostingresell. As the name suggests, it is free – it is also non-technical. Our Reseller panel is well optimized and user-friendly to help you set up your business and price as well as managing your entire customer base with the click of a mouse.

24/7 support

By default, we provide support for all your customers making it possible for you and your team to focus on Marketing and SEO. We provide all supports needed via Calls, Tickets, Live chats, Skype & WhatsApp. This is a very important factor in the success of any web hosting platform and we are committed to providing excellent support to all customers, both Resellers and all end users.

Conclusively, we can see how easy it is to resell web hosting on freehostingresell for free. With a team that is dedicated to the success of your business – and has succeeded in running IT companies for many years – you are sure of getting only the best. Moreover, setting up an account for free and yet getting the best in the industry cannot be found with any other reseller company. Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we offer top-notch, industry-worthy reseller hosting programs all for free.

We hope this guide gets you started on your web hosting business journey.

For more information, visit us today on https://freehostingresell.com



How to build your custom template for your free reselling hosting site


This custom design guide is for those who want to build their front end to suit their own taste of design, this is also suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to share designs with other resellers using the same template on FreeHostingResell. To attain full white label, building your custom front view would be recommended.

Before we begin, if you already don’t have an account with us, you can do so HERE.

In order to enable resellers have more control of what is displayed and how it’s being displayed on their front view, this article guides anyone who wants to achieve this. The reseller’s site can be designed and hosted from any server and with any site builder, just follow the guide below.




MAIN DOMAIN: The main domain you want to use should be pointed to us from your site settings page. Read This Guide to be sure you have correctly pointed your reseller site to FreeHostingResell.




MAIN DOMAIN You can purchase a hosting anywhere with a different domain. You can use any domain for this purpose, just look for a cheap domain for this purpose as the domain won’t be marketed since it’s just a tool to achieve an aim.  You can also just install Word Press or your favorite Website builder on a sub domain or a new domain as you wish. It’s not a must that this new hosting account be hosted with us; you can do this from any server.

So let’s say our main domain is www.frs.pw which has been added as our main domain from the example above. Here, i can purchase an independent hosting with a domain anywhere or if you already have one, let’s say the domain here is www.frs.site. So, on this new host you control with a Cpanel access then install Word press or your website builder.


DESIGN GUIDES: From the example above, i would be designing on frs.site. So there is a special link name you must use for frs.site.





HOME PAGE index or empty YES
ABOUT US about-us YES
CONTACT US contact-us YES
DOMAIN PRICES domain-pricing YES
SHARD HOSTING shared-web-hosting YES
VPS CLOUD vps-cloud YES


TERMS & CONDITIONS terms-conditions YES
PRIVACY POLICY privacy-policy YES
REFUND POLICY refund-policy YES
LEARN MORE learning-more NO
OFFERS offers NO


COUPONS coupons NO
CARRIER carriers NO
DOMAIN RESELLER domain-resellers NO
PAYMENT OPTIONS payment-options NO
NEWSLETTER newsletter NO
HOW TO howto NO


ADDONS addons NO
SECURITY security NO
DDOS ddos NO
SMM smm NO



Page Name: This is the name of the page/link you are building

Page Link: This is what you must call the link of the page. Example, your About Us page must have this link http(s)://your-domain.extension/about-us. If you don’t name the links as directed, your pages won’t work correctly.

Required?: Some pages are important and they should exist, others which are not required are optional.



Images: Your images must be in full part. Word press calls their images in full part. In case you are building from scratch or something, make sure images are called in full part.

Prices: The prices would appear as you want them and as you have set them from your Reseller Panel. We also have price API, if you are able to connect the price API to your custom site, then each time there is a price change, it would automatically change on your website too.

Links For Billing: Make sure you link the ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ links to the appropriate order page. Here are the respective links. Remember that you would be linking using your main domain added to FreeHostingResell not the link you hosted your design on.

Register Domain Link: https://yourdomain.ext/bill

Shared Hosting Link: https://yourdomain.ext/bill?shared_hosting

VPS: https://yourdomain.ext/bill?vps

VPS Cloud: https://yourdomain.ext/bill?vps_cloud

Dedicated Server: https://yourdomain.ext/bill?dedicated_hosting


Important About Links: Every link in your website must be on the approved link type else your site will be lost in the whole setup. All links in the site you are building must be in the main url and not your design url.

Example if you are building with Word Press, frs.site and  the main domain added to FreeHostingResell is frs.pw, if you want to link inside your design site frs.site, you must link them using your main domain frs.pw.

A closer example, If you are designing the About Us page, first you name it about-us, normally the link would be http://frs.site/about-us, but on the header inside your design, you would link it as frs.pw/about-us. Every link inside the design site must be the main domain url not the actual domain you are working with to host the website.


Domain Name Check: You should send the value to the billing segment each time someone want to check for a domain name. Input name should be called domain then the action should be https://your-domain/bill/index.php, then method must be POST. Full domain must be entered.





If you are done with the design, now it’s time to attach these links to your website from your Reseller’s Panel. When you are logged in, Navigate to the Reseller Tab, and locate ‘Custom Designs’. First enable it!

Note: Do not enable if you haven’t completed step 1 and 2!

After this option has been enabled, then you can start adding your links. Your links must be in the full part, you are expected to add the link of the design links.

Using our example, for the home page segment, you are expected to add a link like this http://frs.site/index or http://frs.site

The links you add here is the design link not the main domain link, this is very important else your site won’t work.

Here, you are simply instructing our system to fetch what’s in that URL to display on your link with us, so we fetch what’s in the external link to show on your link with us. That’s why all links instructions must be followed in step 2 else; your site won’t work correctly.


Summary of what to do;

  • You can register a new domain or use a sub domain of a site you already own. Get a host, the host can be anywhere, not necessarily from us.
  • Install the CMS you want to use on that link, or if you are building from scratch. Just start building and install to that new domain or sub domain
  • Build your website, using your modified prices you have set in your Reseller panel, or you connect using our pricing API. So that it displays on your website the current price when you modify them without having to modify your website again. Else, just set them manually, everything still works!
  • Set up links correctly: When designing, links on the site should be your main domain. If you are linking the shared hosting page for example and you are designing on frs.site, link it inside your design as frs.pw which is your main domain inside your designs
  • Check if everything is fine, link images as full part. Word Press already does this for you
  • Go to your Reseller’s dashboard and locate the ‘Custom Design’ menu, start adding the links. The links you add here is the link of where the page exists on the url you designed on. From our example above, frs.site is the link we are designing to, so the home page will be added as https://frs.site or https://frs.site/index then link every page you have designed this way. Remember that first; you need to enable this feature on that same page.
  • Check your designed website frs.site on your main domain as frs.pw and be sure everything works correctly!
  • For domain name check from your front end, you should send the value to the billing segment. Input name should be called domain then the action should be https://your-domain/bill/index.php then method must be POST. Form name can be anything you wish. If you set this properly, if anyone enters a domain name to check from your design it will be sent to your billing area to check if domain is available or not.

Open a Support Ticket if you face any issue related to your custom setup.

Getting started on Freehostingresell | ToDo for New & Old Resellers

As a registered user on FreeHostingResell, there are few things you must do to accurately set up your reseller account and reseller site with us. When you login to your Reseller’s Dashoard you would see some Todo lists which you can simply just follow to be sure it reads 100% completion or you can also follow this guide on how to set them up one after the other.

This guide will be in several steps, be sure to follow the steps one after the other in other to be sure you aren’t leaving any part undone. Also you can create a Ticket if you are finding any of the steps below difficult to implement.

Create An Account

If you have already created an account you can move on to the next stage.  Go to Account Registration Page to create your account. Make sure you use a valid email address as you would be required to verify this email.

Verify Your Email Address

After registration a confirmation email will be sent to your email with a confirmation link which you need to the email you entered during registration. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder if it doesn’t appear on your primary inbox.

Set Up Profile

The first thing you do when you log in for the first time is to set up your profile. You can access your profile here https://panel.freehostingresell.com/profile

Set Up 2FA

You should secure your account so that an additional security layer can be added to your account during Login and other account related activities. You can download Google Authenticator or Authy. We recommend Authy because of its simple backup feature even when you lose your phone.

To setup your 2FA, go here https://panel.freehostingresell.com/security

After setup, you can move to the next step

Get Verified

You might continue to the next step if you are not ready to do this, but you would need to do this later in the future if you want to earn higher funds and withdraw using all our third party options without any issue. Also verification enables you use some payment options if you want to fund your account for a purpose.

There is a threshold of about total of $10,000 you can withdraw from your account if not verified. Once your account is verified, your withdrawal limit is unlimited. You can move to the next step when this has been filled or in progress or you can completely skip this step to complete later in the future. Here is the link to your verification page https://panel.freehostingresell.com/verification

Note: if you want to upload an image on your account, you must first upload them to your image gallery before you can select the image uploaded for use.

Point A Domain & Basic Configurations

This domain is where your site will be accessed from. You can buy your domain from any registrar or you buy your domain from us. https://freehostingresell.com/bill Once you have your domain ready all you need to do is to change the name servers to the following

  • ns1.dns-for-domains.com
  • ns2.dns-for-domains.com

As soon as you have added or modified the name servers for your domain name, then go to your Site Settings page to add it https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/site_configuration

There are few things you need to consider on your Site Settings page, they have been explained below.

  1. Site URL: This is the domain name for which you just changed the name servers, add it to this field without the www and https just the domain name. like domain.com
  2. Site Name: Here, is the name of your website. If your domain is testwebhosting.com then you can name your site TestWebHost, something that will show on invoices and general name of the site.
  3. Site Title: This will mostly show on your browser, so from the Example from B above, you can use something like TWH or you can also put a full text like. ‘Reliable webhosting company in Italy with 99% uptime’. So users will see this on the top browser.
  4. Site Description: This is some keywords you can use for your website. This is what the user will see when they access your website from Google or other search engines. The description is a summary of your website which shows as a description. This is also what shows when you share your website link on some social media like Facebook, Whats App e.t.c
  5. Facebook URL & Twitter URL: This is the link to your Facebook and Twitter handle. It automatically shows on your website.
  6. Site Currency: You can select which currency you want your clients to see on your site. If your primary currency is GBP, then you select this form this option when your clients will see and be billed in GBP. This option can only be set once. If you select GBP, your account will remain in GBP forever!
  7. Email & SMS Sender Name: This is the name you want your clients to see when they receive an email from your website. Use a name that relates to your domain name so it will be easy to relate.
  8. Withdrawal Threshold: This is the minimum amount balance you wish your withdrawals to be sent. So if for example you set it as 50 and your primary currency is GBP for example, this means you are instructing us that whenever your account has earned above 50GBP we should send your funds to your chosen withdrawal method

When you have added this details with the domain name and submit, our system would check if your domain has been successfully pointed to our servers if not it will retry it every 5 Minutes until when it fully points. When this is done, you shall receive an email notification regarding the success of your domain name being added to our server as your reseller site.

If you can’t still access your site after pointing the correct name servers and adding it to site settings page after 24 hours, please create a new ticket regarding this issue and we shall help look into this closely.

Change Site Logo & Favicon

Still on the Site settings page, you would see an option to upload a new logo and icon. An icon is what you see on your browser, the recommended size here is about 50*50 or 50*70. The site logo Is what appears on your website on the header and sometimes footers too depending on the template chosen.

Note: if you want to upload an image on your account, you must first upload them to your image gallery before you can select the image uploaded for use.

Select Template

You can select your template from the numerous pre-built templates. From the site settings page here https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/site_settings you would see the link button to change your template. Select your preferred template and then submit then view the template chosen from your site if it shows perfectly the way you want it.

Note: After selecting a template and modifying some text and images, if you change your template again you would lose all those changes!




Setup Withdrawal details

Here, you should setup what your withdrawal method and give the details. When you have earned above your threshold we would send your funds to the method you set here without having to contact us.


You can also change your withdrawal method any time.

Modify Cost Price

The way freehostingresell actually works is quite unique, when your domain was pointed and configured they system actually help pre-configured your prices into 20% increases from the default costs for all hosting and domain prices. So if you want to modify these costs into something lower or higher, you can do so easily from the respective cost setup pages for Domains, shared hosting plans, VPS, VPS Clouds, Dedicated servers and Addons.

The links are as follows;

Domains: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/products

Products: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/products

You can easily click the respective buttons to increase all costs by the percentage seen on those buttons

Modify Website Texts & Images

If you want to modify the texts and images on your website, you can do so easily from the respective modification links.

Home Page: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/home

About US: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/about

Contact US: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/contact

Shared Hosting: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/shared

VPS: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/vps

Dedicated Server: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/dedicated

Footer: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/footer

Others: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/others

Images: https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/template/images

Note: if you want to upload an image on your account, you must first upload them to your image gallery before you can select the image uploaded for use.

Set Up Email Template

You also don’t need lots of configurations for this; we have done the pre-setup for you and selected some nice email pre-templates to use for your website. All you need to do here is to set up an email image header for which email template you wish to use. You can easily set this up from here https://panel.freehostingresell.com/reseller/email_template