The future of dropshipping business with web hosting

I am pretty sure you must have heard the word “dropshipping” on the internet. This has become a buzzword in recent times and has made a lot of people smile to the banks. Statistics from Forrester Research show that in 2017 alone, the online retail sale was more than $370 billion in size with 23% of that coming from dropshipping businesses. This shows that the prospects are high for dropshipping businesses.

But what do you think of dropshipping web hosting? Wondering what that means? Let me clear the air with a simple definition of dropshipping and then we can look closely at how to “dropship” web hosting services.

What is dropshipping

In a nutshell, dropshipping is a model of business that the retailer is not directly involved in fulfilling the orders. It simply means that you create a store (or website) to showcase products and services offered by a third-party supplier of the product or service. All orders are completed and shipped straight from the wholesaler.  This allows retailers to focus on the marketing aspects of the business.

Many big e-commerce businesses started as a dropshipping business. An example is Zappos and Amazon. But how can we introduce dropshipping into web hosting?

Dropshipping web hosting

The dropshipping model for web hosting is called web hosting reselling. Reseller hosting allows you to sell white label hosting services to your customers under your name. With reseller hosting, you can rent your hosting space to customers.  Vendors purchase hosting services, usually from a VPS hosting provider for a price (and in this case free). Then customization and distribution of the hosting space are carried out according to individual customer needs. This is the dropshipping model of web hosting and it is the future of web hosting businesses and dropshipping businesses. But before you go into reselling web hosting services, there are certain things you must look out for to ensure you are successful in your web hosting dropshipping business.


What to look out for when picking a web hosting service for your dropshipping business

Uptime and speed

The first thing to look out for is the uptime and speed offered by any web hosting service of your choice. This plays a major role in any business. If you are considering getting ahead of the competition, I recommend you work with a web host that has a 100% uptime guarantee like those provided on freehostingresell. The hosting speed of freehostingresell is above average when compared with other mainstream hosting services. With web hosting from freehostingresell, your dropshipping business is sure to be trusted for continuous uptime and speed.


The freehostingresell hosting solution is completely security checked and you are provided with a cPanel to manage your website and sales with no fears of hacks or back-doors for both you and your clients. You are sure of having a business that is not vulnerable to hackers while all customer data is kept safe. Furthermore, they offer anti-DDoS protection for your website to prevent attackers from making your website unavailable to your clients. You can see the importance of getting a web host that meets the security needs of your dropshipping business both now and in the future.


Bandwidth is what affects the amount of data that a user can download from your website. For your business to have a better user experience, you need a web hosting service provider with enough bandwidth. This is even more important when your clients are in the e-commerce sector since they deal with lots of data – both images and videos of products. This means that you should try to know if the web hosting provider offers a limited bandwidth before you decide to go with them. With a hosting service provider like freehostingresell, you have access to unlimited bandwidth on most shared hosting packages. You never have to worry about bandwidth.


You sure want to make a profit with your dropshipping business not worrying about the high charges and prices that some web hosting companies offer. This is something you need to check before going into dropshipping web hosting. Freehostingresell has the most affordable hosting plans you can ever have on the planet – it is totally free for your dropshipping business. This doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. You have access to unlimited bandwidth and SSL certificates. Using web hosting from freehostingresell saves you a lot of costs while giving you top-notch value and making you money with web hosting dropshipping.


Support is one aspect that is very important for any business, even when you are dropshipping for any company. Once an issue arises, you need to be able to reach your web hosting provider in no time. There are times that emergencies would occur, being able to contact your web hosting service provider and receiving a prompt response is key to your dropshipping business success.

It is going to be devastating if you cannot reach your hosting provider when needed. This is why you need to go with a web hosting provider that offers 24/7 support for all their services.

Freehostingresell offers tremendous customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, everything is handled from our end without you having to worry about responding to your clients. a perfect web hosting dropshipping business for you

There are numerous free web hosting providers out there, but there are certain features that make stand out from others when it comes to reselling web hosting or in this case, web hosting dropshipping. The main reasons why you should use freehostingresell include:

  • No deposit required. You start with nothing
  • Risk-free and stress-free
  • No technical knowledge needed – all the hard part has been done and covered by our team
  • 24/7 all-round support.

Who says making money through dropshipping web hosting has to be stressful? We have seen that making money online with web hosting dropshipping can be profitable, free to start, and stress-free with freehostingresell. You can start today by reaching out to us on

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