10 reasons why you should not pay to resell web hosting services

Reseller web hosting simply means when an organization or individual rents or purchases space for a web hosting service and sells it to third parties. Reseller hosting allows you to sell white label hosting services to your customers under your name.  This is a great way for those who want to get into the web hosting business without investing in expensive resources to manage servers and infrastructure.  With reseller hosting, you can rent your hosting space to customers.  Vendors purchase hosting services, usually from a VPS hosting provider for a price. Then customization and distribution of the hosting space are carried out according to individual customer needs.

In this article, we would take you through 10 reasons why you opt-in for a free reseller web hosting service instead of a paid one. We would achieve this by taking you through the cons of these paid systems and why you should get a reliable free Webhosting service for your web hosting business with freehostingresell.

The startup cost for paid reseller web hosting

If you are someone that presently manages a web hosting platform, you would agree that there are a lot of costs incurred when starting up. Moreover, most reseller packages offered by paid reseller hosting services come in monthly packages with a minimum of around $70 per month. This means that you would continue to pay $70 every month until you get good customers for your business. This implies that whether you make profits or not, you would still have to the $70 every month. This is just a basic plan with very few features for your business.

Reason not to pay

On FreeHostingResell, you don’t need to pay a dime to be able to resell with us, this makes it possible for you to focus on just Marketing while the cost of renting a server Monthly remains at zero cost to you and your business. Moreover, you get all the good stuff in one place without any package or levels.




Server limitations based on package levels

There come tiers and levels with different features, benefits, and limitations with every paid web hosting service. One such limitation is server limitation based on the package you can afford. Sometimes you buy a reseller package that can only accept 200 accounts or less which implies that you can only accommodate 200 hosting accounts on the package for that server. If you need more hosting accounts, you would have to upgrade to a more expensive tier or package or buy a second package to accommodate more.

Reason not to pay

With a solution such as freehostingresell, there are no limits to the number of accounts you accommodate, orders you can accept, and customers you can allow on your reseller site. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay anything to accommodate more users and accounts.




Limited support based on package

No web hosting business will outline support as not being a strong point in the success of their business. There is a large recurring cost when it comes to ensuring a good support system for your web hosting business. it usually takes close to 40% of the operational cost monthly. In some smaller companies, efficient support is nearly impossible or never available because of the large cost attached to it. Some smaller businesses would only be able to provide support when they are available to offer support. Moreover, for some paid web hosting services, you would have to get support based on the package you have purchased. In most cases, only premium packages have access to 24/7 support – and you guessed right, these packages are very expensive.

Reason not to pay

Freehostingresell offers the best solution for support in a way that you don’t have to pay for anything. We handle all support for all your clients using various channels including ticketing systems and live chat. Resellers don’t have to worry about support as freehostingresell provides a white-labeled support system for all users on the network. Customers would also receive custom replies based on the domain name and email sender name. This means that your customers will always see that it is your company that is responding to their problems.



Cost of web designing

When starting up a web hosting reseller business, web design and development for the business is an important part. This can quickly add to the general startup cost for the business. Whether you are planning to build with WordPress or you need a custom website, you would need to hire a web designer and this can cost lots of money.

Reason not to pay

With freehostingresell, the cost of building a website for your web hosting reseller business is removed from the picture as there is a gallery of ready-to-use custom web hosting templates that can be selected from your reseller panel with ease. All you have to do is to change the image and modify the text using a simple drag and drop method and your website is live. You can also decide to build your own custom front end with WordPress or any CMS of your choice if you don’t wish to use any of the pre-built templates.


Whmcs recurring license

Before now, WHMCS has dominated the webspace. If you are looking for something easy with lots of automation for your hosting then WHMCS always is the choice for several hosting managers. So with this, web hosting companies already know they would need to pay the WHMCS license monthly and it varies depending on the option selected.

Reason not to pay

Because we know many customers already use WHMCS, we built something simpler to replace WHMCS! Our custom inbuilt billing portal will be used by all Resellers and it is available for free for their customers. This is a great reason not to get involved or intertwined with the many payments and licensing involved with WHMCS. In other to make sure all our solutions are completely free, we made sure we built a custom hosting billing management system that is even simpler than all other solutions out there.



Payment integrations and options

Whether you plan to go into web hosting reseller business or any online business at that, you would be faced with the issue of payment integrations and payment options. This is especially true when you are looking to do business on a global scale. You might receive many complaints from customers about being unable to make payments – and this can quickly affect the number of customers you get. Most paid web hosting services have limited payment options due to the cost of integration or they simply provide it based on the package you have.

Reason not to pay

Freehostingresell is the perfect solution to all this. We have prepared lots of payment options and we grow the list with approval daily. We also accept Cryptocurrencies for customers who would like to use this as an option. Not many providers offer this – the more reason not to pay for it.




Security and maintenance costs

After designing your custom website if you are not a web designer yourself, then you should be ready to pay some professionals each time you want to do some website modifications. A regular security check is a constant thing for companies who want to remain in business since web hosting websites are prone to constant DDOS attacks and other advanced malware infusions try.

Reason not to pay

Since all reseller’s website is hosted with us, they are automatically on our regular Maintenance and security checks too. DDOS is installed for all resellers and other security threats are constantly being checked for. Since we offer this for free, this is a great reason not to pay for reselling web hosting.



High cost as your site grows

Every business looks forward to growth and success. So also it is with web hosting reseller businesses. But there comes a great deal of cost that follows growing your business when there is a monthly fee to pay. Moreover, it might seem all rosy when you are just starting up in the first year, but the cost quickly rises exponentially depending on the hosting provider and their packages. Very soon you would need more resources, cloud, and VPS plans. Once you cross this bridge, the cost might become hard to keep track of.

Reason not to pay

With a free reseller hosting platform like freehostingresell, whether your business is at the early stage or its prime, we have all it takes to scale up with your business without any extra cost.



Fixing reselling price based on cost price/operation cost

So many factors determine your selling price; your cost for providing support, web hosting design, cost of marketing, cost price, and so on. Majorly, the most important factor that affects your selling price is how much you pay for this server monthly. Why many people say web hosting services are not profitable is because there are too many costs associated with you reselling.

Reason not to pay

We have taken care of most of the costs for you already and there is no limitation, just set your price! For example – if our default cost for Package A is $5 monthly, all you just need to do is to set an amount higher than $5. So with this, you can freely set your own cost since you are not running the additional daily cost of management. Some resellers can just add a 5% price increase and they would still make enough profits monthly. This is possible because we have eliminated all other unnecessary cost associated with you running your own web hosting business. The cost you want to set is your own choice; you can even set above 500% profit margin, this you can do as you wish!



High level of difficulty

Unless you are a pro and an expert with running websites and web hosting, you might find the controls, features, and control panels of most reseller hosting very difficult to use.

Reason not to pay

With freehostingresell, you have access to a simple control panel that even a child can use. It is user-friendly, stress-free, and comes with all the required features needed for your business. You don’t have to pay for complex web hosting services and still be unable to make use of the panels.

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