How to Start your web hosting company for free

The enlarging web hosting market is constantly stirring up different opportunities for the go-getters that are interested in establishing their hosting businesses. Before we move on, if you came for a get-rich-quick opportunity, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble – you came to the wrong page. To build a great web hosting company takes adequate planning, time, hard work, and in some cases lots of money. Yes, I said in some cases because we are about to take you through the legitimate way to start your web hosting company for free.

For those new to the web hosting market with little to no knowledge about web hosting and are interested in learning some basic concepts about web hosting, let’s have a quick look at what web hosting is all about.

What is web hosting?

A Web host which is also known as a web hosting service provider is a business organization that makes the provision of the technologies and services needed for a website to be viewed on the internet. Web hosting companies help individuals and organizations to make their WebPages or websites available and easygoing via the World Wide Web (WWW). These Websites are hosted on exceptional computers which are referred to as servers. When Web surfers want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Then their computer will automatically connect to your server and your WebPages will be delivered to them through the browser.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting allows you to sell white label hosting services to your customers under your name.  This is a great way for those who want to get into the web hosting business without investing in expensive resources to manage servers and infrastructure.  With reseller hosting, you can rent your hosting space to customers.  Vendors purchase hosting services, usually from a VPS hosting provider for a price (and in this case free). Then customization and distribution of the hosting space are carried out according to individual customer needs.

What to consider before starting your web hosting Business

When it comes to starting your web hosting business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Not all reseller hosting services are built equal. Make sure you choose a reseller hosting provider that best suits your needs. We strongly recommend freehostingresell – it is both free and meets most business needs.
  2. Always go with a web hosting service provider that allows white labeled reseller plans which ensures that your customers never realize that they are reselling hosting services.
  3. Make sure the web hosting company provides ongoing technical support to your customers. This is especially important if you do not want to have your own customer support team.
  4. Decide how much you want to earn on your plans


Step by step guide on starting a web hosting reseller business

Follow these specific steps to set up a reseller hosting business.  In this guide, we use the freehostingresell reseller hosting platform.

Step 1.        Get a website for your web hosting business

If you don’t have a website for your business yet, you can either get one for your web hosting business or you can simply signup on and point a domain to get started for free.

Step 2.        Create a free account with freehostingresell

If you already have a website, the next step is to get a free account in and choose how you want to grow your business. Once your account is created on, you would be required to point to a domain name if you already have a website. You can also use our domain name extension to find a domain name that best fits your business.

Step 3.        Change the dns

If you’ve registered a domain name with us while creating an account for your reseller hosting, then you can skip this step. For those who have registered the domain name using another domain registrar, the next step is to change your DNS. This process usually takes 24 to 48 hours before your site starts resolving to our server.

Step 4.        Create your unique web hosting packages

On, you have the upper hand when it comes to setting your price. The prices are determined by the Reseller. There is an option to set any amount greater than the default cost but not lesser. When a price is set then an order is placed, the difference becomes the Reseller’s profit. Profit calculation is available immediately after the order has been completed; the statistics of all earnings are then displayed for the Reseller to see from his panel. The customer’s billing and user area remain the same for all Resellers as this was built specifically for this purpose.

That’s it! These steps are easy, free, and without risk.

Why choose freehostingresell as your free reseller hosting program?

Risk-free and no deposit required

Freehostingresell is risk-free and does not require you to pay anything to get started. Our hosting reseller program is free, fully automated, and without risk. Once you set up your price and start selling, we send you the difference between the wholesale price and your set price. You don’t have to worry about how the client’s payments are done. We handle all the technicalities from our end.

No technical skills needed

You don’t need to be a computer guru to start earning freely on freehostingresell. As the name suggests, it is free – it is also non-technical. Our Reseller panel is well optimized and user friendly to help you set up your business and price as well as managing your entire customer base with the click of a mouse.

24/7 support

By default, we provide support for all your customers making it possible for you and your team to focus on Marketing and SEO. We provide all supports needed via Calls, Tickets, Live chats, Skype & WhatsApp. This is a very important factor in the success of any web hosting platform and we are committed to providing excellent support to all customers, both Resellers and all end users.

Conclusively, we can see how easy it is to resell web hosting on freehostingresell for free. With a team that is dedicated to the success of your business – and has succeeded in running IT companies for many years – you are sure of getting only the best. Moreover, setting up an account for free and yet getting the best in the industry cannot be found with any other reseller company. Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we offer top-notch, industry-worthy reseller hosting program all for free.

We hope this guide gets you started on your web hosting business journey.

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