How to Resell Web hosting services with for free

Learning how to sell your web hosting is not as scary as you think.  Whether you want to increase revenue stream or host your clients’ websites or set up your own web hosting business, we know that web hosting is like real estate. Doing web hosting business is like renting rooms in your home or perhaps running a bed and breakfast.  By giving your home to customers, you can earn without hiring contractors to build a brand new hotel or home.  The best-selling web hosting options allow you to start a new business without any illegal investment or decades of experience. To be truly successful, you need to spend time learning the tools and technologies that will help you on your journey and build a business plan that outlines sustainable profit steps.

Before we dive into one of the latest trends in the Webhosting reselling business let’s take a dive into what reselling is and a few technical terms to note before going in.

What is a reseller program

A reseller program or platform is a platform where you can sell a variety of products offered by a third party to other customers as if they were your direct provider.  There are many successful companies in the web hosting market that started out as a reseller hosting company.  There are two main types of merchant hosting plans available today – free and paid.  For the free plans, all you need to spend is your time while the paid plans will involve you spending your money to make it successful.

In this article, we would go through reselling web hosting for free using the latest initiative in the industry by Furthermore, we would look at how to resell web hosting services using for free. Let’s dive into it.

How to resell web hosting services in 5 simple steps

Step 1.   Create an account with as your web hosting partner

Instead of blindly subscribing to more server space than you can handle, think for a few minutes about the business you want to start and what it will be like soon in the future, and what you need to invest in it.  Different persons have different needs when it comes to hosting; a web developer’s needs are quite different from that of someone looking to host just a few friends. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind the operating system, hardware, software, and other benefits that make for a great customer experience. The first step to achieving all these is creating a free account on the latest and most innovative web hosting reseller program – Having an account is the first step to a successful web hosting business.

Step 2.        Point a domain

Once you’ve created an account on and you have understood your business goals and needs, the next step is to point a domain (either a new domain or a domain registered from any domain registrar). Once you have correctly pointed a domain, you are all set to go – as a reseller, you can also change the default template and modify text and images (there is total freedom on what you can do and achieve on from the reseller panel.


Step 3.        Set up your account, Your price and billing system

Once your domain is correctly pointed, you would be prompted to complete your account setup by following the To-do Wizard Guide found on your dashboard. Follow the setup instruction keenly and start earning for free on the platform.

Reselling means money has to change hands.  Do you give discounts to your friends and family or do you expect to make a profit? Finding out how much you will pay and how to inform customers about payment is a necessary step in web hosting reselling. On, you have the upper hand when it comes to setting your price. The prices are determined by the Reseller. There is an option to set any amount greater than the default cost but not lesser. When a price is set then an order is placed, the difference becomes the Reseller’s profit. Profit calculation is available immediately after the order has been completed; the statistics of all earnings are then displayed for the Reseller to see from his panel. The customer’s billing and user area remain the same for all Resellers as this was built specifically for this purpose.

Step 4.        Advertise! advertise!! advertise!!!

Once your account, price, and billing are all set, the ball is in your court to advertise your new business. This means that anyone can start a web hosting reselling company for free – all you have to do is advertise and sit back while the cash rolls in – this is the true definition of free. Get your friends to know about your web hosting business, pitch your business to businesses, advertise on social media, and get the word out. All you have to do is spend time getting the word out.

You do not need a large advertising budget to grow your business.  Make sure you use social media effectively to communicate with existing customers and reach new ones.  About 75% of interviewed marketers believe that their efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have worked more or less for their businesses.

Step 5.        Sit back, relax and withdraw profits

This is the point where every business smiles. makes it even easy by allowing you to withdraw your profits to your bank or via Bitcoin once it is cleared. Once you have made money using this free method of reselling web hosting provided by, simply go through steps 4 and 5 to keep the stream of revenue coming in.

Why choose freehostingresell as your free reseller hosting program?

Risk-free and no deposit required

Freehostingresell is totally risk-free and does not require you to pay anything to get started. Our hosting reseller program is free, fully automated, and without risk. Once you set up your price and start selling, we send you the difference between the wholesale price and your set price. You don’t have to worry about how the client’s payments are done. We handle all the technicalities from our end.

No technical skills needed

You don’t need to be a computer guru to start earning freely on freehostingresell. As the name suggests, it is free – it is also non-technical. Our Reseller panel is well optimized and user friendly to help you set up your business and price as well as managing your entire customer base with the click of a mouse.

24/7 support

By default, we provide support for all your customers making it possible for you and your team to focus on Marketing and SEO. We provide all supports needed via Calls, Tickets, Live chats, Skype & WhatsApp. This is a very important factor in the success of any web hosting platform and we are committed to providing excellent support to all customers, both Resellers and all end users.

Conclusively, we can see how easy it is to resell web hosting on freehostingresell for free. With a team that is dedicated to the success of your business – and has succeeded in running IT companies for many years – you are sure of getting only the best. Moreover, setting up an account for free and yet getting the best in the industry cannot be found with any other reseller company. Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we offer top-notch, industry-worthy reseller hosting program all for free.

For more information, visit us today on

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